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Step 1 After you sign up, you will prompted to answer few general questions & some additional questions based on your state selection.
Step 2 Watch our software auto complete your state specific IRS, Social Security, Passport, Driverís License, Postal Service notification forms for you.
Step 3Proof read the forms and hit the print button. File the forms as per the detailed instruction sheet provided additionally. It's that simple.
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Change Name After Marriage

First of all, Congratulations! Chances are, you recently got married or going to get married soon. If you are looking for information on changing your name after marriage, you have come to the right place. At, we have helped thousands of women like you to change their name successfully in a fast and easy way.
Marriage Name Change Process
If you would like to name change after marriage, you have to do so by requesting the government agencies and organizations by showing a proof of your marriage. Depending on your requirement, you will have to notify the IRS, Social Security, Passport, Driverís License, Postal Service, Banks, etc. Each has their own requirements and differs from state to state, so questions like where to file, which forms are needed, what are the fees etc. can quickly turn overwhelming and make the whole process frustrating.
We Take the Hassle Out
We believe this is a period of time in your life where you get to spend quality time with your family and not wait in a line for several hours in a government agency and fill countless forms. Thatís why at, we went through all the hassle for you, and present you the forms that are customized to your requirement. For $29.95, we provide you all the forms you need for your name change process as well as the instructions on how to file them.
How It Works
Using our online service, the name change process turns basically into a three-step process. First, you need to answer few questions about you. Second, choose the forms that need to be filled. Then watch our software automatically fill those forms for you. Third, print the completed forms and file them as per the instruction given. Just press the Start Name Change button and you could begin your marriage name change process in less than 2 minutes.
Secure to the Highest Level
Our website is designed to be 100% secure. All of the personal and payment information you are about enter will go through a secure socket layer connection to avoid any kind of eavesdropping. We also give an option, where if you choose not to enter any of you sensitive information, you can do so. Just remember to hand write the missing information after you have taken the printout and before sending the forms in the mail.

Once you complete your name change process, your information will be deleted from our system. We do not share or sell any of your information to a third party. Over 100,000 women, who have successfully changed their name with us, have recommended our service to their family and friends, stands as a testimony to our reputation.
We are here to Help
We have highly trained name change experts on staff. Once you signed up for our service and have doubts through the name change process, feel free to contact us by calling our phone or through email. Our staff will courteously reply to all your queries. Our customers support is completely free and comes to you without any hidden charges.
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