Passport Name Change

You need to have your name updated on your passport. This is essential if you are planning to travel out of the country. You need to procure and fill in a Passport Amendment/ Validation Application. Send the application to the passport agency closest to your home. Along with the form, you need to attach your existing passport, certified copy of your marriage certificate and the fees for name change. You have to send your existing passport, two passport sized color photographs, certified copy of your marriage certificate and the pertinent charges along with the completed form to the National Passport Processing Center. Upon completion of the process, your documents will be returned to you.

Obtaining Additional Certified Copies
As you may have noticed, you will need a number of copies of your marriage certificate. If you have the option of selecting between a short-form marriage certificate and a long-form marriage certificate, the long-form marriage certificate is the better choice. It provides more information and you have to take it with you to the Social Security office.

Visit the payroll branch of the military office in your area if you are in the military. Go to the relevant military branch to check any allotments you and your spouse are eligible for.

Educational Institution
You can call or go personally to the university or college you are enrolled in. Take an identification document with you. Some schools specifically ask for an updated driving license or social security card.
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