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Post Office Name Change

The U.S.P.S does not provide specific instructions to change your name alone after marriage. However, your name can be changed along by applying for an address change. The address change can be done by, either going to your nearest postal office or applying online. If you choose to do it online, U.S.P.S. accepts your credit card which carries your new last name after marriage as a proof. Please find below the instructions on how to change your name in credit card, if you haven't completed this step already.

Credit Card Companies
Inform your credit card company to update your name on your cards. Only ask for the name to be changed after you have received new identification documents like your Driver's License and Social Security. Else, you will not be able to change your name in credit card. One thing you need to be wary of is identity theft. Your old name might be used by criminals for their illicit activities. Get rid of any documents that bear your old name. Also, ask for a replacement of your checkbook, credit cards, ATM cards and any other documents you use frequently. Notify all the financial institutions you deal with, including your bank, lender or mortgage company.

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